Project Details: This new building is being constructed to provide enclosed work space at the shipyard.  The building will be approximately 80’ x 150’ and about 90 feet tall, with a 70’ x 70’ “Megadoor” to provide access for our 660 ton vessel lift.  This building will allow us to provide year-round work on vessels and provide a contained area for maintenance of vessels, sandblasting, and painting.  We are enthusiastic about the increased efficiency we will be able to provide our customers without impact from our unpredictable Oregon weather.  



Project status: ​ A Nucor pre-engineered metal building has been purchased through contractor JH Kelly, LLC and has been delivered to the building site.  Design and engineering of the foundation was completed by Sargent Engineers.


As of July 2019, piling for the building foundation are in the process of being driven by contractor Billeter Marine.  A request for bid is being developed to construct the foundation and erect the pre-engineered metal building.  Request for bid and proposal documents will be posted on the Public Information tab of this website as the solicitation processes are opened.

This project is funded through a ConnectOregon VI grant and Business Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority.    

Port of Toledo Shipyard

Shipyard Pre-Engineered Metal Work Building

Project Details: The Port’s Strategic Business Plan and Capital Facilities Plan is being updated to provide the Port a plan for operating its newly expanded boatyard and a review of the Port’s properties for best potential uses.  The Plan will be developed using guidelines set forth in the Statewide Port’s Plan. 

Project status:  Completed in September 18th, 2018

Port of Toledo 

2018 Strategic Business Plan and Capital Facilities Plan

Project Details: In January 2017, this building sustained major damage due to a fire in a leased unit.  The fire damaged the building’s roof and caused significant smoke damage throughout the building which resulted in the termination of all leases in the building.  The building required cleaning throughout to remove smoke damage, repair of the roof and damaged supports, new interior paint, and new siding on the east and south walls.  The building was reconfigured to provide open shop space to be used for the Port’s shops and three business units. 

Project status:  Completed in September 2018

Industrial Park

Industrial Park Building Rehabilitaion

Project Details: This project provides an ADA accessible path along the waterfront connecting the Marina at the end of Main Street to NW A Street and NW 1st Street. The path features unique benches, Sam Briseno metal sculptures, and interpretive signs. 

Project status: ​ Completed.

This project was completed with funding from Oregon State Parks Local Grant program and with volunteer services provided by Angell Job Corps’ Masonry crew.

Port of Toledo Waterfront Park

Depot Slough Path at Waterfront Park

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