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10th Annual Toledo Wooden Boat Show August 16-17, 2014 Port of Toledo's Marina & Waterfront

Funds Awarded to Port for Dredging Project

All funds have now been secured for a much anticipated Yaquina River cleanup project thanks to a recent grant award of $231,442 to the Port of Toledo from the Infrastructure Finance Authority's Marine Navigation Improvement Fund. These funds supplement the $266,192 received from Business Oregon's Brownfield Redevelopment Fund and $121,838 granted in 2013 from Business Oregon's Local Economic Opportunity Fund to address sediment contamination around the Fred Wahl dry dock that occurred before the Port purchased the boatyard.

The Port of Toledo entered into a prospective purchaser agreement with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in 2010 to clear the way for the Port's purchase of the boatyard property. As a condition of the agreement, the Port agreed to complete the Brownfields clean-up. The Port has completed extensive studies to determine the boundaries of contamination and the best method for removal. With funding in place, this project is being scheduled for August of 2014, pending receipt of federal permits.

Port of Toledo: A Critical

Link in the Region's Economy

It might surprise some of you, but the sleepy little Port of Toledo is an active and vibrant link in many of the diverse aspects of this area's economy. Did you know the Port of Toledo's Yaquina Boatyard is the western most terminus of the P&W Rail Line?

Did you know that the Port of Toledo's Yaquina Boatyard supports a commercial fishing industry that contributed 164.5 million to Lincoln County's economy in 2012?

The Port of Toledo's boatyard is the only facility in the Yaquina Bay estuary capable of hauling the region's larger commercial vessels. The Port of Toledo is currently working towards a boatyard build-out plan to increase daily yard capacity from 1 large vessel to up to 9 large vessels to better serve our region's viable commercial fishing industry. View boatyard Conceptual Plan with mobile lift as identified in the Port's 2013 Strategic Business & Capital Investment Plan.

Did you know that the Port of Toledo plays a vital role in OSU's wave energy research?

Since July 2012, the Port of Toledo's Yaquina Boatyard has played a critical logistical role in staging, deployment and retrieval of wave energy test equipment for OSU's Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center. NNMREC's Pacific Marine Energy Center is the first utility scale, grid-connected wave energy test site in the United Sates and located off Newport, Oregon's shore. The Port of Toledo's Yaquina Boatyard serves as the central site for deployment of wave energy testing equipment, and provides intermodal connections for equipment transport between road, rail and water. More

Did you know that the Port of Toledo provides commercial and industrial property to local businesses?

The Port of Toledo has leased space to Yaquina Boat Equipment (YBE) for over 30 years. YBE business operations have grown to include marine services for vessels coming to our region from the Bering Sea to the South Pacific. American Grounding Systems, Inc. also leases industrial space from the Port of Toledo, manufacturing grounding straps that are shipped across the U.S. and around the world, and used at the international space station, in wind turbines, solar panels and by the aviation industry.

The Port of Toledo takes great pride in providing commercial and industrial space for lease. Units currently available include 6,570 sq. ft. industrial space, 3,640 sq. ft. commercial space, as well as developable land. Contact Bud Shoemake, Port Manager, for details.




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