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Thank you for making our 2013 Wooden Boat Show a Success!

We would like to thank everyone that helped to make our 2013 Wooden Boat Show such a fun, family friendly event. We had beautiful boats, good weather, and a lot of happy people attending. To produce this show we rely on sponsors, exhibitors, vendors, participants, and volunteers, and we would like to thank each of you.

River Heritage

Honoring Ralph Criteser

This year's theme of "River Heritage" celebrated Criteser's nearly 70 years contribution to maintaining our local fleet. It was really special to have Ralph Criteser bring his 95 year old boat the "Beaver" to this year's show.

Ralph Criteser's tug The Beaver arriving at the Show

People's Choice

Zachary Mitsch's Little Tubby

Little Tubby won the People's Choice Award by a landslide. Zachary is a enthusiastic young captain, and was graciously offering to take people on rides. Congratulations Zachary!

Zachary Mitsch 2013 People's Choice Winner.

Family Boat Building

Another Successful year with 6 families building Kayaks

Under the direction of Boatyard Manager Leo Newberg and local Boatwright Rick Johnson, 6 families built kayaks during the Wooden Boat Show. This is the first year building Newberg's design, the Yaquina 15 kayak. We wish you happy paddling in your new kayaks

GP Containerboard Boat Contest

What an event!

Thank you to our local Georgia Pacific Mill and its' employees for organizing and supplying kits for this Contest. Participation in the event grew this year, with many local groups building boats of their own design, testing its Depot Slough. The competition will be tough as teams representing businesses, chambers, and youth groups from throughout the county challenge each other for Best Design, then race to determine the fastest, most water worthy vessel.

Thank you for participating in our 2013 Wooden Boat Show

You make our Show!

Thank you for attending this year's Wooden Boat Show. Many of you have participated in previous shows, and we really appreciate your continued support. Your enthusiasm and friendliness made visitors feel welcome. We have received many compliments on the relaxed, friendly atmosphere of this year's Show, and wanted to pass them along to you.


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