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The Oregon State Marine Board first recognized the Port of Toledo as a Certified Clean Marina at the Port’s commission meeting on May 15, 2007, and has maintained that designation ever since. The Clean Marina designation is an example of the Port’s efforts to do its part in keeping Oregon’s waterways pollution-free. The State's program provides information and technical assistance to marine facility managers on how to eliminate or reduce the input of pollutants into the environment. “This certification is only given to marinas that implement a high level of environmentally sound best-management practices while running their marina operations,” said Glenn Dolphin, the Clean Marina program director.

Mr. Dolphin also stated that “the Port has done great things to help protect the environment.” For example, the Port has a garbage & recycling program, posted signs to help inform the public about its environmental rules, promotes clean boating activities, directed parking lot storm water runoff into grass filter areas, maintains an adequate supply of oil absorbent booms for responding to emergencies, added a new float system with encapsulated floats at the Port Dock One Marina and Airport Boat Launch Ramp, and have incorporated the usage of native plants into their future development plans for Port properties.

The Port of Toledo wishes to thank our boaters & moorage holders for helping us to achieve and maintain this prestigious designation!

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