Port of Toledo - Main Office

Port Manager

Bud Shoemake


Tel: 541-336-5207 Ext. 1001

Assistant Port Manager

Debbie Scacco


Tel: 541-336-5207 Ext. 1003

Accounting Specialist

Cuttaliya Robinson


Tel: 541-336-5207 Ext. 1002

On-call Accounting Specialist

Polly Chavarria


Tel: 541-336-5207

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Port of Toledo - Industrial Park,  Maintenance

Maintenance Supervisor

Les Hall

Tel: 541-336-0222 Ext. 3001

Maintenance Team Member

Crystal Hunter

Tel: 541-336-0222 Ext. 3001

Part Time Groundskeeper

Dennis Chavarria

Tel: 541-336-0222 Ext. 3001

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Small Boat Repair

Scott Hatfield

Tel: 541-336-0222 Ext. 3002

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Port of Toledo - Industrial Park,  Small Boat Repair Shop

Port of Toledo - Shipyard

Acting Shipyard Manager

Bud Shoemake

Tel: 541-336-0333  Ext. 1001

Shipyard Accounting Specialist

Mike Meyer


Tel: 541-336-0333 Ext. 2002

Shipyard Administrative Assistant

Melodie Schones


Tel: 541-336-0333 Ext. 2003

Shipyard Foreman

Ben Victorine


Tel: 541-336-0333 Ext. 2006

Paint Supervisor

Dana Castle

Tel: 541-336-0333 Ext. 2000

Carpentry & Mechanical Supervisor

Ted Mandell

Tel: 541-336-0333 Ext. 2004

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Port of Toledo - Shipyard Crew

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