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Free Family Boating 
Toledo Community Boathouse
"Waterfront Recreation & Education Center"

Free Family Boating is finished  for Summer 2023 due to dredging

Free boating for all ages to try sailing, kayaking, other paddle crafts in a safe and  supervised environment, and free rides on the Yaquina Queen, on Thursdays at 3pm to 6pm  and on Sundays  from 12pm to 4pm, Memorial Day through Labor Day annually. No experience necessary, life jackets,  and  all other equipment provided. Youth under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Boating Safety & Education

Toledo Community Boathouse

"Waterfront Recreation & Education Center"

The Waterfront Recreation and Education Center or “WREC” provides instructional space and boat storage for kayaks and other small boats. Through the summer people can learn to sail, row, and paddle watercraft in a safe and competent manner.

Kayak camp and sailing camp are organized by Oregon Boating Foundation during summer months.


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Boat Building

Toledo Community Boathouse

"Andrew Linn Boat Shop"

The first boathouse serves primarily as a carpentry shop for boatbuilding. 

Volunteers have built over 100 small wood boats here under direction of the former volunteer director Andrew Linn. Some of the canoes and kayaks are used by the boating program and others boats were sold to provide funds to purchase materials for the next boat building project.  This shop is also used by the Teak Lady Society for its work to maintain and preserve the Port’s two Teak Lady sloops. 

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Port of Toledo Marina 

Free Family Boating is finished  for Summer 2023 due to dredging

The Toledo Community Boathouse program provides classroom and workshop space for youth and community members to learn and get hands-on experience with boatbuilding, maintenance, sailing and seamanship.  The program consists of two boathouses moored at the Port’s Marina, and is supported through generous community volunteers and grant funding.

Both boathouses were constructed by the Port of Toledo.  The first boathouse was built in 2010 by Port staff with funding from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund and the Lincoln County Economic Development Alliance.    The second boathouse was completed in 2017.  It was built with funding for new materials from the Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund, and used repurposed materials as much as possible. The boathouse was built on surplus floats that had been donated to the Port, lumber milled from trees logged for the boatyard expansion project, metal roofing reclaimed from the Old Fire Station, and by volunteers from the Old Retired Guys Sailing Club.   


We would like to thank the following programs for supporting the Toledo Community Boathouse by providing grant funds for operational expenses:

  • Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund

  • Ford Family Foundation

  • Northwest Area Foundation

  • Meyer Memorial Trust

  • Siletz Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund - Grant for kayaks, paddles, and equipment for instructional space

  • Pacific Coast Congress, Barbara Schwantes Memorial Fund - Grant for youth training kayaks 

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