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The Port of Toledo Shipyard offers a wide range of marine repair and maintenance services skillfully provided by our diversified trade's people and state of art facility. To schedule haul outs, vessel repairs and painting, please contact the Port of Toledo Shipyard office at (541) 336-0333 or email us. 

Haul Out



​ASCOM Mobile Lift:  660 tons; 44 feet wide


​ACME Mobile Lift:    85 tons; 21 feet wide


​Covered work bay:  3,200 sq foot


We offer painting services for both commercial and recreational boats using the highest quality products available to meet your needs and budget:

Our painting services include:

  • Antifoulant paint application (spray or roll)

  • Top side painting

  • Full sandblasting services

  • Brightwork

Steel Fabrication

The Port of Toledo Boatyard’s steel fabrication services include:

  • Hull repairs and modifications including wheelhouse:

    • Sponson

    • Kort nozzle

    • Whale back

    • Lengthening

  • Sandblasting and painting

Mechanical & Systems

Repairs and installations including:

  • Engine and drive train service and installation

  • ​Propeller and cutless bearing service

  • ​Deck gear installation and service

  • ​Mechanical and hydraulic service and installation

  • Electrical services

  • Electronics service and installation

  • Rudder service and repairs

  • Transducer installation

Carpentry & Fiberglass

We offer a full array of traditional and modern shipwright services including:


  • Plank and frame replacement

  • ​Wood refinishing

  • ​Custom Interiors

  • ​Finish carpentry

  • ​Custom design and modification​

  • ​Fiberglass and gelcoat repairs

Project Management

The Port of Toledo Shipyard offers Project Management services to assist you in executing your maintenance, repairs and refits. We can utilize our experience, connections and resources to facilitate projects of any degree of complexity – from the most basic haul out to an extensive re-fit. We deliver our projects on time and on budget. We will happily tailor our services to work with you in whatever capacity best suits your needs, allowing you the flexibility to be as involved in the project as you want.

Do it Yourself

The Port of Toledo Shipyard encourages boat owners to be as involved in the ownership and maintenance of their boats as possible. We are one of the few remaining repair facilities that not only allows, but welcomes the Do-It-Yourself owner. We have established effective Best Management Practices that allow all of us to work within the challenging marine repair environment while easily complying with all OSHA and DEQ environmental and safety requirements. Please talk to the Yard Management to discuss how we can accommodate your project, as limitations apply to tasks such as painting and welding, which can be found in our "Policies". Please click here to download PDF document for more information.

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