The Port of Toledo promotes economic development within its district by providing business opportunities through long term leases. Current tenants manufacture products to be sold nationally and internationally, process high quality seafood, and provide marine services. These businesses provide jobs and generate income to the community. The Port of Toledo has a number of prime industrial sites available for lease and development.  For additional information, contact the Port of Toledo.

For availability and further information, please contact the Port Office at (541) 336-5207.

Located adjacent to Depot Slough. This property contains three industrial zoned units. Current tenants are American Grounding Systems, Winter Hawk Seafood, Chelsea Rose, and Celestial Seafood. 

385 NW 1st  Street, Toledo, OR 97391

Port Complex

Port Station One or Toledo's Main Office is located in Unit 1, on the east side of the building. Unit 2 of the building is zoned commercial and is currently leased to Fishpeople Seafood. The Port acquired the former City of Toledo’s former Public Safety Building in 2009 and rehabilitated the building and grounds into viable and usable property, and relocated the Port Office to Unit 1 in 2011.

496 NE Hwy 20, Toledo, OR 97391

Port Station One

Yaquina Boat Equipment.JPG

Located on Depot Slough. The Yaquina Boat Equipment is a marine repair and manufacture of commercial boat equipment, serving the fishing fleet since 1968. Yaquina Boat Equipment is a Port of Toledo lessee located on Port property in Toledo, Oregon.

508 SE Butler Bridge Road, Toledo, OR 97391

Yaquina Boat Equipment

IP building.jpg

This property houses three industrial zoned units, ideal for marine support services as well as the Port's maintenance and small boat repair shops. Currently tenants include Reino's Boat Works.

625 N. Bay Boulevard, Toledo, OR 97391

Industrial Park

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