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Depot Slough Path

May 12th will also be a great opportunity to check out the Depot Slough Path. Angell Job Corps' masonry crew have done a beautiful job of installing 55,000 pavers for this path. The path runs along Depot Slough and completes the pedestrian connection between the end of Main street, the Port's Marina, Transient Dock and Pavilion at Waterfront Park, to NW 1st Street and the City's path along the TIP property.

The Port has installed Briseno art and benches along the path and on Arbor day Angell Job Corps assisted with planting additional trees. Interpretive signs are being created and will be placed along the water side of the path later this spring.

The Depot Slough Path improvements have been made possible through a grant from Oregon State Parks Local Government Grant Program.

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