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Repair of F/V Eclipse

Repairs of commercial fishing vessel Eclipse are currently in progress at Toledo's Yaquina Boatyard after large ocean swells pushed the vessel into the north side of Newport's south jetty this past January. Damage to the F/V Eclipse was port side below the water line and included punctures and dents. Repair work includes steel fabrication and is being completed by the Port of Toledo's Yaquina Boatyard crew. The 55-foot Eclipse is a veteran vessel built in 1966 and owned by Celestial Seafoods of Siletz.

Coast Guard Yaquina Bay received a call on January 20th, 2014 that the Eclipse, with three crewmen returning from sea with a full load of crab, had lost propulsion right after entering the jetty. The Coast Guard's news release of the F/V Eclipse reported that all 3 crew members were safe and that a boatcrew aboard a 47-foot Motor Lifeboat from Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay transferred a de-watering pump to the vessel and assisted with de-watering efforts.

The Yaquina Boatyard offers a variety of repair services including steel fabrication, carpentry, painting, haul-out, project management, general yard services, mechanical systems, and DIY. If you are in need of boat repairs or to schedule service call the Yaquina Boatyard office at 541-336-0333 or email

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